A fence is usually used to mark the boundary of your property, it can also be used to stop your dog from escaping (also young children) and unwanted visitors from entering. Fencing can also be used within the garden to screen parts of the garden, hide the wheelie bins, use as a wind break around a seated area or separate part of the garden from the children or pets.

Fencing comes in all shapes and sizes, can be solid fences such as close board woven or shiplap, or see through such as trellis panels. Then there’s natural style fencing like willow, hazel, beech panels. Then there’s the custom made fencing like hit and miss, post and rail. There are so many types, styles and sizes far too many to list.

The panels are generally made of wood and are either green (treated but left light in colour) or a dark brown. The posts and gravel boards come in various sizes again but are available in wood or concrete depending on the panel you’re using, the application and you’re budget.

Natural fencing could also be in the way of a living fence such as beech, hornbeam or hawthorn to name but a few.

All fencing is FSC certified

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