Turf Laying

We only use good quality turf that has been grown locally from a well know supplier.

When the turf is grown locally it is better suited to the soil in this area making the turf grow better and stronger.

Turf care after laying is complete

  1. For the first week water daily
  2. The second week water every other day
  3. The third week twice that week
  4. Let the grass dry and cut the grass on a high setting
  5. Over the next four weeks cut the grass regularly slowly lowering the blades until desired height you want.
  6. If during the first season the weather is dry water the turf and don’t let it dry out.

Don’t walk on the wet turf as you will create dips in the turf.

We offer a range of services from a complete rotovating and levelling service to supplying and laying.

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